updated from my burning phone.

i tried to share these in a comment i had left @thebloggess.com, but i’😧m too autistic for html. this doesn’t surprise me, but what does is i can’t backspace that disgruntled smiley in the word “i’m” two lines above this.

the pictures i wanted to share are behind the following series of perferations that i can’t figure out how to make go away, either:

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hi my name is [things perhaps being other than how they appear and act] this book report is going to be about sentimentality: i find great sentimentality in my own work. that’s all i find sentimentality in. i find my experience with sentimentality capable of becoming something more than sentimentality when i picture my own work of which i find sentimentality in being read. i picture it. i picture everything. this is paradoxical because it’s indirect, but it’s a guerilla tactic.

i have great big plans for myself.

enter a whole new world of my sentimentality which is all decked out with knick-knacks just like yours:


or search for me on google

“peach schist”